Designing the Perfect Garden


There are numerous factors to consider when designing the perfect garden. The characteristics that determine a perfect garden are basically a matter of individual preference. However, there are some guidelines that apply to the establishment of any garden that you plan to enjoy and benefit from.

The perfect garden is one that you find visually attractive and aromatically enticing. It is also a garden that provides you and your family with some of your favorite summer foods. When designing a your garden it is very important to select plants that will thrive in your area and in the conditions they will be subjected to. To assure that the plants have good soil conditions, you can assist the growth of your flowers and garden plants with fertilizer. However, there are some elements of nature you have no control over such as wind, rain, and the hot summer sun. Once you select the area where you plan to place your garden, you will need to assess the sun and shade situation, the drainage situation, and the amount of wind that area is likely to receive. You can use a trellis, garden stakes and even fencing to support tall plants that might fall victim to wind gusts.

Another factor to consider when designing your garden is the wildlife in your area. You may need to plant deer resistant plants or provide fencing around your garden to keep small predators from enjoying the vegetables you planed to have for yourself and your family.

When designing a garden it is often quite easy to find many more flowers and plants than you actually have space for or time to care for. Gardening should be a pleasurable experience, not a drudgery. Design your garden so that it provides sufficient bounty but doesn’t become a burden. If you have an abundance of space you might want to design your garden so that it has individual sections such as a separate flower garden, herb garden, and vegetable garden. However, if your space is limited, you may need to combine your flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Guides for companion planting are available at bookstores, libraries and many online gardening sites. Take advantage of the information from the experts when deciding on the placement of your plants.

When designing a vegetable garden, be sure to plant items that you know you and your family will enjoy eating. Perhaps you might want to include a few experimental vegetables among your favorites. Arrange your garden so that you have easy access to the plants once they mature. Provide supports for vines so that they do not become entangled with other plants or pose a tripping hazard as you walk through the garden.

If you have very little ground in which to grow a garden or if you have physical limitations that make it difficult for you to maintain a garden area, you can design a patio garden or a raised bed garden and still enjoy the beauty and benefits of gardening. A perfect garden is a garden that you can enjoy planting and tending. Most flowers and many vegetables can be grown in a container. A collection of various size containers placed on a patio can create a beautiful summer display for you to enjoy.

You can design a vegetable garden so that is actually a decorative part of your landscape. An herb garden is a wonderful way to create an aromatic ambiance to your yard, deck, or patio. Many herbs have blooms as beautiful as any flower you would plant. A gentle brush across their leaves fills the air with a wonderful scent.
When designing a flower garden, you might want to be sure to include some varieties that make excellent cut flowers so that you can bring some of your outdoor beauty inside your home. If you enjoy feeding the birds, you should definitely plant flowers that they will benefit from. Hummingbirds are a beautiful addition to any garden and plants that attract them add brilliant color to your landscape.

You might also want to consider incorporating solar lights and outdoor furniture such as a garden bench into your garden design. You want to be able to spend enjoyable time sitting in your garden.

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