Frugal Tips: Saving Money with Rain Water


Saving money is on almost everyone’s minds these days, even those who earn big salaries. The current state of the economy has caused many people to take a long, hard look at how they spend or waste their money. Of course, some expenses are necessary and unavoidable. However, there are strategies that people can use to cut back on their daily living costs. Saving money with rain water is one of these strategies.

Rain water is generally safe to use. If you have a private well, then you aren’t going to save as much money as someone who must pay their local municipality. However, even a few cents or dollars here and there will make a difference.

Plus, sustainability is the new buzz word and rain water usage is sustainable. Using water that flows from the skies rather than through the pipes located beneath the ground is a simple way to reduce the load on your municipality’s infrastructure. Not only are you saving on the cost of using water, but you are also saving the cost of purifying the water to make it palatable.

For those homeowners who must pay both a water bill and a sewer bill, the savings can be even greater. Not only will they be able to save on the water bill but also on the cost of the sewer bill. This is true in many cases because sewer bills are often based upon water usage. If you use less water from the municipality due to the use of rain water, your bills will be lower.

Uses for Rain Water

A number of different uses can be found for rain water. Of course, one of the most commonly thought of reasons is to use rain water to provide sustenance to your plants, both inside and outside the home. It can also be used to water the lawn in order to maintain that colorful green that looks so nice.

Rain water can be used to wash the car, the lawn tractor, the kid’s bikes, and just about any other outdoor vehicle that might exist in your family’s household. In fact, a bucket of rain water and a scrubbing brush go a long way when it comes to cleaning off muddy cleats, dirty boots, and sandy sandals.

For those who do a lot of outdoor gardening, rain water is great for cleaning off gardening tools, flower pots, and more. In fact, why not fill the wheel barrow up with rain water and use it to help you in your cleaning tasks around the yard?

Rain water can also be used to clean yard and pool toys such as large balls, floats, horseshoes, beach balls, and more. Scrubbing down a dirty slide on the swing set is a piece of cake with a little bit of rain water and some elbow grease.

All it takes is a bit of creativity and some practice to incorporate the use of rain water to cut your cost of living while maintaining a clean environment. Once you get into the habit of using rain water instead of water from the faucet, you will readily discover new ways to use it.

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