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Gifts For GardenersDo not make the mistake of giving your wife a big bag of manure for her birthday. Even though she may be an avid gardener, her birthday is no time for presenting her with organic fertilizer that she can spread out in her flower beds. While bags of manure, mulch and river rock may be quite appropriate for enhancing an outdoor garden area, they are not appropriate gifts. If you want to buy a gardener a gift, consider some of the following ideas.


Flowers and other plants always need to be watered. A high quality rubber garden hose is a welcome addition for anyone who enjoys taking care of plants. When buying a hose, consider the area that needs to be watered and how far away it is from the water or hose connection. Generally, a hose of at least 50 feet in length works best. Spend the extra money and buy a 100 foot hose to get the most effective coverage.

You need to have a nice nozzle to screw on to the end of that hose. There are a wide variety of spray nozzles from which to choose. Some people prefer the trigger-type of nozzle while others like the type that can dial different types of spray patterns. A simple, brass nozzle that twists to adjust the spray pattern from strong stream to mist is a good choice. Whatever option you ultimately decide on, make sure you buy something of substance that will last and not a cheap, plastic attachment.

After one is done watering, it is nice to have a way of rolling it up and storing it neatly for the next time it will be used. A hose reel is a good gift. One can buy a portable hose reel that can be rolled along the lawn or buy one that mounts to a wall. Either type is acceptable. Look for a unit that can accommodate a large length of hose and is extra strong so it will not break with repeated winding and unwinding.


Every gardener needs a full complement of tools. Small tools like spades and hand-held soil tillers are inexpensive but very necessary for tending to a flower or vegetable garden. A shovel with a fiberglass handle is lightweight and strong. It is great for digging holes to plant small trees and bushes.

Most gardeners can always use a brand new pair of sharp garden shears. They are excellent for pruning small branches and clipping away brown palm fronds or other dead foliage. For slightly larger trimming jobs, buy a good pair of loppers. Loppers are much longer than hand shears and they have better leverage to provide more cutting power. They can handle branches up to an inch or two in diameter.

Power tools help make quick work out of maintaining a garden and the surrounding area. With today’s technology, battery powered power tools are more effective than ever. Lithium-ion batteries are more powerful and last longer than the previous generation of nickel-cadmium batteries. While providing full power until they need to be recharged, they are also smaller and lighter.

Battery powered hedge trimmers can keep your hedges looking neat and level. With a little practice, one can shape their hedges into eye-appealing geometric shapes. String trimmers are a very versatile tool that will definitely come in handy. They can quickly cut small grassy areas where the lawn mower can not go. Many trimmers also can be rotated so they become an effective edger.

Another very handy tool is a battery-powered pole saw that can extend about 10 or 12 feet. This too has a small chainsaw attached to an adjustable-length pole that can reach high enough to cut low hanging branches up to about 6 inches in diameter. It is surprisingly effective and safe to use.

These are but a few ideas for good gifts for the gardener. Before buying any such gifts, know what the gardener in your life really needs and wants. If you just do not know, a gift card to a garden center will allow the recipient to pick exactly what they want.

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