How to Ensure Your Lawn is Termite Free


Termites are tiny insects that can cause huge damages if they are allowed to infest a home or yard. These insects can eat away at a home’s internal structure, which can cause a homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs. In order to keep a home, shed, or deck free of termites, homeowners need to ensure that these insects also stay out of their yard. Fortunately, this is a relatively simple task, as long as a homeowner is willing to take a few necessary precautions.

Five Ways to Keep Your Lawn Free of Termites:

1. In order to keep your yard free of termites, homeowners should avoid using wood chips in their yards or gardens. Because termites eat wood and this type of mulch retains water, termites will naturally be drawn to these areas. Instead, homeowners should use gravel, rocks, or other types of decorative mulch.

2. Homeowners should also refrain from keeping wood piles close to their home. When these piles get wet, they will also retain moisture and can quickly become a termite feeding ground. If you need to keep a pile of firewood handy, it is best to keep it on a raised, preferably concrete, platform that is a good distance away from the home.

3. Termites will also enter a home through the gutters. Gutters that are full or dirt, leaves, and other soggy debris are the perfect place for termites to hide. Therefore, to avoid termites, homeowners need to regularly clear their gutters, so that water is allowed to pass through. Failing to clean the gutters of wet debris will give termites an easy entry point into the home.

4. When cutting down trees, remove and dispose of any tree stumps that are in close proximity to the house. These stumps can be an easy target for termites, which may lead them to the house. It is also important to promptly remove any cut or fallen tree limbs or other debris, as this may also attract termites.

5. All wood that is around the home needs to be properly treated. This includes wood used for decks, dog houses, sheds, or any other purpose. Untreated wood can attract termites, which is especially dangerous if the wood is in close proximity to the home. Therefore, homeowners should be careful to purchase pretreated wood or treat the wood as soon as possible, especially before the wood has the chance to get wet.

How to Rid Your Lawn of Termites:

If a homeowner begins to notice that they already have termites living in or around their lawn, their are some steps they can take to ensure that the termites remain in the lawn, instead of migrating to the house. The first thing that a homeowner can do is get rid of any wood piles or items that are housing the termites. This will help to eliminate the problem, but may not get rid of the pests completely.

The next thing that a homeowner should do is make sure that the conditions around their home are not suitable for termites. Termites are attracted to moisture, especially moist wood. Ensure that there are no moist areas of dirt or mulch around the home and fix any leaky hoses or faucets that could be contributing to the problem. Also, it may be advisable to lay gravel or rocks around the outside of the home. This gravel border should be at least a foot wide and thoroughly cover the ground. This will help keep any wet ground covered and keep termites at bay.

If the termite problem does not improve or begins to worsen, it may be necessary to purchase termite traps or termite killer. These products can be purchased online or from home improvement stores and can be applied and monitored by homeowners until the situation improves. However, when taking the necessary steps, homeowners can effectively avoid a termite situation and keep their lawn pest free.

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