Is Gardening Making a Comeback?


Is Gardening Making a ComebackDuring World War II, gardening was extremely popular in countries all over the world. During this time period these vegetable and fruit gardens were referred to as Victory Gardens. Victory Gardens accomplished many things including raising morale on the home front and helping to feed the people in the communities. Victory Gardens were planted everywhere including backyards, public parks and churches.

Gardens fell out of favor with a lot of the population once the war ended. The agriculture business made great strides during the years after the Second World War allowing the industry to produce a larger amount of food. Grocery stores became larger as convenience foods became more popular and abundant. People didn’t have to rely on their garden for fresh produce anymore so gardening became more of a hobby than a necessity.

Over the decades there have been consistent changes in the agricultural world that have caused some people to take notice. With the introduction of GMO crops in combination with steadily rising food prices, gardening has started to make a comeback. More people became interested in this age old practice once again because of health concerns from consuming genetically modified crops, harmful pesticide and herbicide residue in their food and the cost of food in the checkout lines.

People have consequently found that when they return to gardening that there is a certain satisfaction that comes from growing their own food. They are able to control what is put onto the dinner table and can do it without having to worry about the chemical residue that commercial agriculture uses. The produce and fruits are fresher, taste better and most are fairly easy to grow.

One of the factors that has helped the popularity of gardening and the ease of planting and raising food is how easy it can be and how little space it can be done in. Container gardening is a popular alternative for people with little to no green space available to them. A small garden can be easily grown on an outdoor patio. The amount that it provides is only dependent on the number of plants chosen and the arrangement of the pots in the space.

Younger generations are discovering gardening through their older relatives and community programs. Community gardens have popped up all over the country in an effort to educate people on the benefits of eating healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables and teaching them where their food originates from. These community programs are increasing in number out of the necessity to eat better to help fight obesity and other health problems that have become so prevalent in a world of convenient, high calorie and poor nutrition containing foods.

There is also the homesteader who usually has multiple gardening areas in their yard. Homesteading is becoming more popular because of the desire to eat and live a healthier, more self sufficient lifestyle. The reasons behind turning to homesteading vary for each individual. Some of the reasons might include economics, a desire to become more environmentally conscious or the individual wants cleaner and healthier food for their family. Gardening is a large and important part of this lifestyle.

Gardening is definitely making a comeback and becoming more popular as people become more aware of what is happening in the agriculture world around them. Some individuals have chosen to fill a few pots with their favorite vegetables and grow them on a porch or patio. Others have chosen to garden in a small area of their yard to provide their family with fresh produce in the summer months. Larger gardens that will produce enough food for year round consumption have become more popular now than they have ever been since the time when every back yard and green space had its own Victory Garden.

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