Money Saving Gardening Tips


Every gardener knows that gardening can be an expensive hobby.  It is important for gardeners on a budget to save money where they can, using a variety of innovative and unique methods.

One great money saving tip for vegetable gardeners is to find out what the neighbors are planting and plant accordingly.  This will allow the neighborhood to set up a kind of informal coop, in which neighbors can freely share their extra vegetables.  Many vegetable gardeners find themselves with too much of a particular kind of vegetable, so this arrangement can be a real money saver.

When it comes to flowers, perennials can be more cost effective than annuals.  Annuals must be replanted every year, while perennials will provide season after season of beautiful blossoms on only a single planting.

Providing food and fertilizer for the plants is always a time consuming and expensive proposition.  A money saving alternative is to create your own high quality plant food by composting your kitchen waste.  Composting kitchen waste, coffee grounds and other household waste will help you reduce the amount of garbage you generate, while at the same time helping your plants grow healthy and strong

If your mulch budget is running a bit short, you can use pebbles or small rocks in the garden as a ground cover instead.  This attractive mulch alternative is free, and very effective.

Finally, smart gardeners know to shop in the off season.  Buying garden supplies, rakes, hoes, hoses and the like in the fall can save you a ton of money while getting you ready for the season to come.

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