Once You Get Started, Container Gardening Can Be Very Rewarding


If you enjoy gardening or plants, but find yourself living in a limited amount of space, container gardening is an excellent way to make use of that space. Container gardening is particularly popular among those living in small apartments or in city housing without full backyards. You can hang your container garden, fill your window sills, beautify a balcony or porch space, or put it in a variety of small corner spaces. Wherever you put your container garden you will find that the environment feels more fresh and natural.

Container Gardening for Decoration

Those who like to change things up once in a while find container gardening to be a pleasing experience. It is very easy to rearrange your container garden at any time to give your living space a whole new feel. You may have to adapt the types of plants you grow for the lighting conditions of the areas where they will reside, but you should be able to grow plants that like any type of soil.

How you arrange your container garden is up to you. Some go for the wild jungle look, while others go for the big open spaces look. Simple adjustments to the heights and density of your hanging containers can provide a variety of different looks. The use of a completely hanging container gardening system, sometimes referred to as vertical gardening, can really save space while still providing you with the beauty and freshness of nature. If you use colorful plants in your container garden, you can make use of their colors in the arrangement to really style your living space.

Container Gardening Setup and Maintenance

While a container garden does save you space, you have to pay a lot more attention to watering the garden regularly than you would with a traditional garden. Fortunately, you also avoid all of the harsh bending over and tilling of the soil that is typically associated with gardening. With container gardening, it is very important that you don’t under-water or over-water your plants, as the plants have nowhere else to go for water and excess water has no where else to dissipate.

You will want to purchase all of your containers and accessories at one time, unless you want to do a mixed pot setup. You can never count on the same style, shape, and colors of pots to be available again later, so you need to buy plenty of extras before you begin your container gardening experience. If you are planning on hanging all or some of the pots, you should stick with lighter materials.

Speaking of size and weight, you will want to purchase pots of a variety sizes. The soil can be heavy and you may want to keep the plant size under control when you have limited space. Using a small pot can help keep the weight low and stunt the plant growth. But, if you want a plant to grow big, you will need to provide it with a large pot where it can establish a strong root system. You need to know about the root requirements for soil type and pot size for each plant before placing it in a pot.

At this point, all you need is to learn how to care for each type of plant you want in your container garden. There really isn’t all that much else to container gardening. In many ways it is much easier than traditional gardening. So now you can fit the plants you want into your small spaces and make your living space look great in the process.

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