Planting a Fall Vegetable Garden


For newly married couples who have just bought their first home, may be looking into growing their own vegetables to help save money on food costs. Especially when couples are trying to save money to start a family. Despite what most people think, August is the best time to start planting seeds for a vegetable garden. By the time the vegetables are ready, it will already be fall where the cooler weather will be setting in. The best vegetables to plant for cooler weather temperatures are carrots, green leafy vegetables, peas, beets, lettuce, radishes, turnips, cabbage, kale, endive, chard, kohlrabi, broccoli, spinach, brussell sprouts, and cauliflower. People will be amazed at the great tastes that these vegetables will have compared to ones that are planted in warmer spring temperatures. Cooler temperatures bring some of the best tasting vegetables than most stores could ever hope to have. The vegetables that are planted in the fall are also much healthier than most other vegetables.

Planting a fall vegetable garden can be a fun ordeal when a couple plants the garden together. It can create an everlasting bond that will continue to grow just as each seedling grows when given the correct sunlight, water, and attention. Just as relationships need love and attention in order to grow healthy and strong, gardens also need attention. Attention to a garden is what can make the vegetables have such as a delightful taste with wonderful flavors. Planting vegetables in the spring can cause the vegetables to become discolored. This can be caused by warmer temperatures. Cooler temperatures keep vegetable plants from wilting. Finding the best characteristics in vegetables for planting in the fall is best. There are a variety of cold tolerant cultivars that should be chosen for harvesting. Cultivars that say fast maturity and cold hardiness have the best characteristics for harvesting in cooler temperatures. There are specific names to look for when planting seeds for broccoli, brussell sprouts, cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower, peas, and carrots. The names to look for are:

Broccoli- Waltham and Green Valiant

Brussell Sprouts- Jade Cross

Cabbage- Danish Ballhead and Savoy Ace

Lettuce- Black-Seeded Simpson, Four Seasons, Oak Leaf, Salad Bowl,

Cauliflower- Violet Queen and Snow Crown

Peas- Wando

Carrots- Napoli

The cultivars can be found in any seed catalog that will give a list of the best seeds to plant during cooler temperatures. The Penn State Master Gardner Manual will also give exact dates for the first day of fall frost, which is October 10th, and the first day of hard frost is November 10th. These dates are to help people who garden to know when to plant. When planting in August, a person will know that by reading different seed catalogs, and reading the Penn State Master Gardner Manual that Garlic can be planted a few weeks before the first frost, and Shallots can be planted after the first frost. These two books can be a plethora of great information for gardener’s who are looking to plant a garden that will provide the most healthiest vegetables with the best flavors. People can always use trial and error by planting seeds throughout the year to find out which seasons are best, but that will take a lot of time and effort when one can just read different seed catalogs and manuals that will give them specifics. Growing vegetables can take the place of buying vegetables from a store where the vegetables may not look as healthy. Growing vegetables in a garden will ensure that a person has the best fresh and natural tasting vegetables.

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