Regular Maintenance Keeps Your Lawn Beautiful


While many homeowners simply consider cutting their grass to be one of the many chores that comes with the territory, it is important to realize that regular maintenance is not just intended to keep the lawn a desired length. Few people understand that grass is just like any other type of plant and can require a great deal of care on a routine basis in order to keep it healthy and strong. Before hiring a local teenager mow the lawn, property owners need to learn several things in regards to proper care and preventive maintenance.

Lawns are often subjected to an incredible amount of wear and tear, but in contrast to popular belief it is not impossible to perform upkeep intended to strengthen the grass. Proper drainage is crucial to the proper development that will allow continued growth. In addition, water issues are often to blame for lawns filled with various shades of green. Part of a regular maintenance routine must include assessing the area for any drainage problems and taking steps to optimize irrigation. While a sprinkler system may not be mandatory, it never is a bad idea and could prove to be the easiest way to regulate watering levels.

All plants need fertilizer and grass is no exception. Continued growth depends on several factors, but one of the main ones is proper nutrition. Few homeowners can consider themselves to be professionals in this area and there is definitely a reason that horticulturists must attend school for a significant period of time. While some grass may need fertilizer and could be an easy fix, other lawns are more complex and may require the incorporation of sand or lime into the mix. Trained professionals are able to quickly determine what is needed to keep any lawn beautiful.

Getting the proper nutrients to the roots of the grass can prove to be a difficult feat, but a simple process call aerating can help revitalize even the worst lawn. Aerators poke large holes in the surface that allow water and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass. While there are many tools that can be bought to enable a person to aerate their lawn themselves, few people are skilled enough to perform the task without causing irreparable damage. An interesting invention that surfaced several years ago incorporated sandals with metal spikes attached to them that were intended to aerate a lawn without big holes.

Cutting the grass may seem to be a fairly menial task, but the fact of the matter is that it may actually be one of the most important steps of making a lawn beautiful. If grass is cut too short, the appearance will often be that of a brown lawn and one that looks malnourished and even dead. If grass is left too long, all of the nutrients may be used up and it will be very difficult for the blades of grass to stay alive. While the exact recommended length of the lawn is going to widely vary based on the type and several other factors, a person should normally ensure that their grass is manicured at least every other week. Many homeowners like to keep their grass a relatively short length on a regular basis, but it is also important to note that it is entirely possible to mow a lawn too much and cause needless damage.

As with any other type of upkeep that must be performed around the home, regular maintenance is designed to keep the lawn in top condition. Grass that is taken care of is much more likely to withstand that various hazards that can arise. Such hazards include disease, drought, and pest control issues. There are many different types of challenges that these various hazards can pose, but regular maintenance is often enough to prevent the majority of issues. Taking care of anything often proves to be much less expensive in the long run, and this certainly holds true with lawn care and yard maintenance as well. Many homeowners enjoy taking care of their own grass, but this should only be done if they are skilled enough to perform the task correctly. Otherwise, regular maintenance might be better left to a professional.

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