Should You Consider Vegetable Gardening?


Growing a garden has become a popular hobby. Once you consider the many benefits of growing a vegetable garden you will very likely decide that this is an activity you want to become involved with. You do not need a large amount of space, nor do you need an excessive amount of time to grow a vegetable garden. When you first become involved in gardening, as with any hobby, you will need to make a small investment to acquire a few necessary garden tools and accessories.

A basic gardeners kit will have almost everything you need to start a small vegetable garden. Gloves, some general gardening tools, potting soil, fertilizer, a garden hose are the basic items you will need. If you are planning to grow your vegetable garden in containers, you will need an assortment of various size planters and containers. A book with information on small garden design and specific plant growing guides can be helpful to you. You might need to invest in a few tomato cages for your tomato plants. Beans can be grown on a fence or trellis. Most other garden vegetables do not require any special adaptations.

There are many advantages to growing a vegetable garden. One obvious advantage is that it will reduce your grocery bill. When the budget is tight, it is very helpful to be able to put food on your table from your garden rather than having to buy it from the store. Fresh picked tomatoes, squash, peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, beans any all other vegetables are simply more flavorful when they come directly from your garden to your kitchen. Growing your own vegetables offers you the opportunity to prepare a variety of dishes that you might not ordinarily attempt if you had to pay the price for fresh vegetables from a local market.

Vegetable gardening can actually be a relaxing diversion to the stress and chaos you deal with at work. Spending time outdoors in a vegetable garden of any size allows you some physical exercise while providing mental relaxation. There is a peace that comes from having your hands in the soil, watching your plants grow and knowing you had a part in the production of beautiful, healthy food for your table.

A vegetable garden can be an experience you enjoy alone. However, if you have a family it can also provide the perfect opportunity for quality family time. It can be a learning experience for you and for your children. Gardening allows you to experience the many wonders of nature that you can only discover while carefully tending a garden and observing the activity that goes on in and around the garden. Children are also more likely to try new types of vegetables if they helped with the growing process.

Another reason that you might want to consider vegetable gardening is that it can eliminate some of the lawn maintenance you have to do. Replacing part of your lawn with a garden has several advantages. It reduces the amount of grass you have to mow. What was once an empty space can become a productive garden that provides food for you and your family. If you include some flowers in your vegetable garden you can also provide a dining area for various types of birds. Sunflowers will attract numerous finches to your yard while bee balm with offer you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of hummingbirds.

The benefits of growing a vegetable garden extend passed the summer months. It is much easier than it used to be to preserve some of the bounty of your garden so that you can enjoy it during the winter. It is easy to find guidelines for drying, freezing, or canning fresh vegetables.

A garden has something to offer for all seasons. In spring you feel the sense of anticipation the new plants bring. In summer you enjoy the satisfaction of eating vegetables that you grew. In autumn you delight in finding the last few garden vegetables to enjoy fresh. In winter you experience a sense of hope for the new gardening season as you enjoy the food from last summer’s garden that you preserved when it was in abundance during the summer months.

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