Watering the Lawn – What You Should Know


A common concern people have about the maintenence of their lawn deal is proper watering times and techniques.  Some may wonder how much water their yard needs, or others may be curious as to how often they should water their lawn.  Some homeowners do not even know the proper times to water their lawns for best results.  The following paragraphs will answer some questions people may have about watering their lawns, as well as providing some useful lawn watering tips.

One question people have about watering their lawns is how much water does their lawn need to maintain it’s health in beauty.  The answer to this question varies, depending on what type of grass is planted in the yard.  Generally speaking, one inch of water per week is recommended when their has not been a sufficient amount of rain during that particular week.  Measuring rain water can be accomplished by simply marking a container at one inch, and strategically in your yard to measure the rainfall.

Over watering your lawn can have many adverse effects.  Over watering tends to lead to:

•    excess growth
•    promotes fungal growth
•    decreases the effects of fertilizers

Lawns that fail to get enough water will likely go dormant very early.  The blades of the grass will lighten, sometimes even die, and require over seeding in the fall.  By following the general “one inch” rule, you will likely be able to avoid the effects of over or under watering.

You can look for sure signs in order to properly determine if your lawn is thirsty including:

•    grass blades that fail to bounce back when walked on
•    visible footprints in the yard
•    wilted blades of grass

When one or more of these indicators are present, you should water your lawn promptly, to enable your grass to have the ability to recover, and bounce back.

The following is a list of some useful tips to remember about watering your lawn:

•    never apply the one inch of water in one session
•    always water early in the morning or late in the day
•    mow grass to shorter heights, to require less water
•    aerate at least once a year
•    de-thatch at least once a year

Many people have questions pertaining to watering their lawns.  When following useful lawn watering tips and advice, all lawn watering questions will be answered.

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