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Nothing makes a kitchen look and feel as cozy as a vase of beautiful flowers. It’s inspiring to look up from your cooking project and see a touch of nature in the form of brilliantly colored flowers. Flowers also add splashes of natural color and make your kitchen and dinner guests feel warm and welcome. Sometimes generic flower vases can look too uninspiring. Why not house your beautiful flowers in unique flower vases that will add an additional decorative element? Here are some ideas for unique floral vases:

Unique flower vase: An old watering can

Are you a gardener with a love of all things green? Bring your hobby inside by filling an old metal watering can with an array of colorful flowers. If the can is a bit rusted, it only adds to the charm. Set your floral watering cans on a table or counter in your kitchen and you’ll delight in how it gives your kitchen a touch of the outdoors.

Unique flower vase: A colorful thermos

Next time you’re at a yard sale, look for old thermos jugs. They come in a variety of colors and have just the touch of character needed to serve as quirky flower vases. You should be able to pick these up for pennies on the dollar at thrift stores and secondhand sales of all types. Buy ones in several bright colors and fill them with brilliant flowers and greenery. Your guests will marvel at your creativity.

Unique flower vase: Vintage cups and saucers

This is another item you can pick up at yard sales and thrift stores. Find some old vintage cups and saucers that will coordinate with your kitchen. Glue the saucer to the bottom of the cup and fill the cup with tiny flowers. Display your artsy vases in a row along a window sill. You could even fill an old teapot with flowers to go with the tea theme.

Unique flower vase: Old coffee cans

Old coffee cans have character especially when they’re filled with colorful flowers. Collect old coffee cans wherever you can find them and fill them with the florals of your choice. This is a particularly nice way to decorate a country themed kitchen. You can also use old soup and vegetable cans to make smaller floral arrangements.

Unique flower vase: An old boot or shoe

Even an old boot or shoe can make a quirky floral container. Depending on the theme of your kitchen, you can use a cowboy boot, a child’s rain boot, or any other interesting shoe that can has enough room to hold flowers. It’s fun to recycle.

Now that you know how to create your own unique flower vases, enjoy your creativity!

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