Cleaning and Organizing Improves Your Decor


When your home is clean and free of clutter, it dramatically improves your décor.  Even if your home isn’t filled with trendy items or it doesn’t look like a magazine cover, you can kick it up a notch by freshening things up and getting organized.

A thorough cleaning is the first, and usually the most dreaded, step to improving the appearance and feel of a space.  Using the correct tools and the appropriate cleaning solutions will help you get these tasks out of the way quickly.  There are many convenient products available today such as specially treated cleaning wipes and scrubbers with extension handles, to make cleaning quicker and simpler.

Good organization is just as important as cleaning.  Although your space may not be as large as you’d like, especially considering how much stuff families tend to accumulate, you can make effective use of the space you have by getting rid of or even hiding clutter.

Hidden storage is a great tool for streamlining your home.  Tucking loose items away in closed cabinets or covered units instantly creates cleaner lines and an updated feel.  Popular design plans today simply don’t include displaying everything a family ones.  Televisions and other electronics are stashed behind closed doors.  Trophies and other memorabilia are limited.  Knick-knacks and such are select and few.

The lived-in look is not as appreciated as it once was, and that means putting away symbols of hobbies, sports, and other interests.  Rolling storage units are a handy resource for limiting the clutter of daily life.  Fill a rolling storage cart with craft supplies, sewing notions, scrapbooking items, or sports gear.  Pull it out when you need it and push it back into place when you’re done.  You may want to opt for rolling storage that offers a firm surface, so it can double as extra workspace when you are enjoying various activities.

Make sure you take advantage of all the space you have available.  Look for cabinet and drawers dividers as well as low containers that slide easily under furniture.  There is a lot of extra space beneath beds, dressers, sofas, and other large pieces, so you can pack up stuff that doesn’t need to be out in the open and stash it out of view.

Another good option, especially for smaller spaces, is to paint storage pieces the same color as the wall so they blend in.  Streamlining is the key to updating, and now it’s easy to accomplish.

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