Differences Between a Gun Safe and Gun Cabinet


The right to bear arms is a basic constitutional amendment in this country. However, many people who have firearms then need a place to store them. Families, especially those with children want a safe place to keep their firearms so that they are out of reach for young kids. On the other hand, some people are looking for an effective way of storing their firearms that also let them be displayed. Two of the best solutions for this is a gun cabinet and a gun safe. Although neither is better than the other, some people may have a preference depending on their particular situation and needs. Below is a brief description and differences of a gun cabinet and gun safe.

Gun Safe

A gun safe may be the more secure choice. Gun safes are locked, just like safes used to store valuables, and can only be opened by a key or combination code. They are usually made from a high quality metal and many manufacturers claim they cannot be opened without the key or combination. Oftentimes, gun safes are fireproof, making them ideal for storing important documents along with firearms. For families with young children, the gun safes are the more popular choice. They let the owner lock up firearms with the confidence that children will not be able to access them.

There are a few drawbacks to a gun safe. The biggest disadvantage is that the firearms are not in the open, and therefore not on display. Someone with a large collection might want their firearms in more of a display setting. Gun safes are also manufactured to be utilitarian. This means that they may not look very decorative and may not match the d├ęcor in the rest of the house. Many families would give up these features, however, for the advantage of locking their firearms and protecting young children from them.

Gun Cabinet

In contrast, a gun cabinet is designed more for displaying a collection of firearms. They are commonly made from decorative wood with glass doors that may or may not lock. Manufacturers that use locks on the doors of gun cabinets tend to use low quality locks, so these are not considered very secure. The big advantage to gun cabinets, however, is the display qualities. People who have spent a considerable amount of time and money building a collection of firearms might want to display them. A gun cabinet can be a very attractive way of doing that, while still providing the firearms some protection against dust and other household elements. Another advantage to a gun cabinet is that since it is not as secure as a gun safe, accessing the firearms is easier. There is typically no key or combination to remember, so the owner only has to reach in to get the firearms.

Needless to say, security of the firearms is one disadvantage to gun cabinets. In the event of a home invasion, the glass door can be broken easily and the firearms removed. Also, young children could just as easily reach into a gun cabinet and access the firearms. For many people, this is a good reason to opt for a gun safe.

Gun safes and gun cabinets come in a variety of sizes, styles and prices. Safes can be slightly more expensive; however, the price difference is slight. Manufacturers make both gun safes and gun cabinets in both large and small, and in a variety of colors and materials. They can also both be found in hunting and sporting stores as well as online. A simple Google search or look through the Yellow Pages will help locating a store that sells both gun safes and gun cabinets.

For someone that has a collection of guns, there are a few things to consider when deciding between a gun safe and a gun cabinet. Some of those things are whether or not there are small children in the house, if the house is vulnerable to home invasion and if the owner would like the firearms displayed or hidden. Once these questions are answered, the decision will become apparent as to which is the best choice for them.

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