Five Ways to Increase Your Home Business Profits


While having a home business can mean lower operating expenses, it also means not having the benefit of a physical storefront to help generate sales.  Often, having a home business also means that you are solely responsible for marketing and making sales.  Whether you are just starting out or you have an established home business, increasing your profits is always a concern.

Five Tricks for Growth

These five tricks are inexpensive and time tested methods for increasing your home business profits:

Feedback.  Talk to your customers.  Find out what they think you do well and what you need to improve.  Work on areas with multiple complaints, and focus on the positives when marketing your business.

Get customers to market for you.  Find ways to get your customers to invite their contacts to make purchases.  For example, you could offer a discount or a free item if they send five people who place orders.

Cross-selling.  Also known as suggested selling, this is an excellent way to increase revenue.  When a customer decides to purchase an item, show them other related items they may like.  For example, a customer who buys a book about writing for money may be interested in books for improving writing skills or books that list paying writer’s markets.

Track advertising.  Tracking your advertising lets you see which ones are working and which are not.  Even if you only use free advertising methods, you still have to spend time placing ads.  By tracking your ads, you can eliminate methods that are not working and focus on those that are.

Business cards.  Business cards are an inexpensive way to advertise your business to everyone you meet.  Business cards should be creative and professionally printed, and all relevant information should be on the card.  If you have a website from which you sell products, be sure it is listed on the card.


Plan and construct your home based business with automation in your mind.  Put it in the auto-pilot.  This way, once set up, your online business can run full time, day and night, without expecting your active involvement all the time.

Cut Costs

One of the quickest ways to increase profits for your home business is to simply cut back on expenses.  Evaluate the products and services you are currently using.  Are they still essential?  Could you get them cheaper somewhere else?  Discard those obsoletes so as to usher the money to your profit account rather than expense account.

Increasing profits for your home business does not have to be a difficult or expensive proposition.  There are several free or low-cost techniques, like the ones exposed in this article, which will help your bottom line look brighter.  But you must take the time to evaluate your options and choose what works best for you and your business.

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