Free Shed Plans – Making a Decision About Free or Paid Plans


When you have outgrown your garage, a shed is an easy solution to provide more outside storage. Although paying someone to build your shed may be outside your budget, building a shed yourself can save a lot of cash. As this is a relatively easy do-it-yourself project, many homeowners undertake this task with successful results.

Once you have decided to build the shed yourself, the next step is making a decision on free or paid plans for your shed. One way to save even more money on your new shed is to utilize free plans that are available on many websites all over the Internet. If you are an experienced carpenter, these plans may be of use to you. Free plans typically tell you about many popular shed designs, and include brief instructions for building your shed. However, if this is something you have never done before, the instructions provided will not provide enough detail to build a stable and sturdy shed. Even more unfortunately, the plans provided may look very complete to someone without experience. It may not be until the midst of building that you realize the instructions are confusing or incomplete, or that you are missing parts. Even worse, you may build a shed and think that you have created a sturdy masterpiece. You will be very disappointed if crucial steps were missed, leaving you with a flimsy shed that will be destroyed during your first winter. Your saved pennies will likely end up being spent purchasing additional materials to repair mistakes. Worse, you may end up tearing down work you have already completed, leading to an additional loss of time and supplies. In the end, after a lot of lost time, frustration and waste, you are likely to end up purchasing shed plans, anyway. Free plans are best utilized by those with experience, or as a tool to determine which type of shed you would like to put in your yard.

For those of us that are not experienced carpenters, a paid shed plan is a much safer bet. However, you still must use caution before purchasing plans on the Internet. As mentioned above, it is wise to peruse free shed plans to determine the style of shed you are interested in. Once you have narrowed down your choices, it will be easier to look through the paid plans for only those sheds you are interested in.

After you have determined what style of shed you would like to build, it is important to ensure that you are downloading from a reputable website. A useful website will provide excerpts of their plans to preview. This will allow you to determine how detailed the plans are. Obviously, this may not be sufficient for you to make a decision on their quality. As such, it is important that you read reviews on these websites to see what other do-it-yourselfers have to say. A website that receives consistently good reviews on the quality of their shed plans should be a safe place for you to purchase from.

Making a decision on free or paid plans for your shed can be a difficult choice. The frugal part of all us would like to go for the free plans. However, the money saved today by using a free shed plan will likely be spent in the future, either purchasing new shed plans or buying materials for the shoddily-built shed that now stands in your yard. A paid shed plan is the best choice for an enjoyable building experience that comes with appropriate guidance throughout the process.

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