How to Get Rid of Flies – Disposable Fly Traps and More


Flies are a source of disease and annoyance, and certainly an embarrassment if you have them. If all possible, remove the source: animal feces, old food, etc. However, if you live on a farm, and the barn is close by, you can’t exactly move your house. Fortunately, there are easy and inexpensive ways to get rid of flies using disposable fly traps and more that you can make or purchase to combat a fly control problem.

First, prevent the outside source from entering your home. Remove shoes and boots worn outside animal areas before coming into the house, and leave them in an enclosed entryway, attached garage, or mud room, if possible. If you wear waterproof boots in animal areas, hose them off before coming to the house.

Fly strips are a handy and discreet method inside the home. One side sticks to your window glass but removes without leaving residue, and the other side has glue that attracts and retains flies. Since flies are attracted to sources of light, they are going to congregate around your windows. Stick the fly strips to the bottom or side of your window and just throw them away when they become full or unsightly.

For fruit flies, you can make your own fly trap as well. Get a disposable pie tin, pour in a little apple cider vinegar or balsamic vinegar, wine, or juice (no water; leave it undiluted), and leave it in the infested area for a few days. The flies will become attracted to it and drown. Then just throw it away.

In the barn, take care of waste removal regularly, to get rid of the source. Then, you can hang rolls of what is called fly tape. Fly tape works just like the fly strips, but comes in a roll the size of camera film. Extend it all the way out and hang up where no one will run into it.

You can also get a hanging jar-style fly trap. You fill it halfway or so with water, and add in the packet of fly bait solution that comes with the jar (which you can be refills for). When full, just empty the contents and re-use the jar.

To make this fly trap at home, you need either a one-gallon milk jug with the cap, or a 1-liter soda bottle with the cap. Cut about five holes all around the bottle or jug, toward the top, for the flies to enter. For a soda bottle, cut it in two pieces, from about 1/3 from the top, and invert the top half into the bottom. Take twine or thick string and tie the bottom piece to the top inverted piece through the holes. Hang your traps in the barn and along the fence. Fill the bottle or jug with fly bait from the farm store, or your homemade bait. To make your own bait solution, you can try 1 cup of sugar in soap and water or 1 cup vinegar and 1 cup sugar. Some people use brown sugar or maple syrup, some use soda pop.

Another important thing to have in a barn is air circulation and specifically, fans, to keep the flies from getting too comfortable. Also, use a veterinarian approved fly spray designed specifically for equines, bovines, and swine, to keep the animals comfortable.

Fly traps are not only efficient, but also they do not pose chemical hazards to people or animals. What’s more, if you can do it on a budget, with extra items you already have, all the better.

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