How to Save on Electricity Bills


There is nothing more disheartening than opening an electricity bill to find that it is hundreds of dollars more than expected. During the cold winter months and hot summer season, electricity bills can creep up into the ridiculously expensive zone. People have figured out ways they can save electricity and money, however, by following a few simple steps.

One way people can save money on electricity bills when the weather is nice is to open curtains and blinds to let in light. This way, lamps and overhead lights can remain off, and the sun can be the source of illumination. On good-weather days people can also open windows to let in the breeze rather than use their cooling or heating systems.

When the weather is frigid cold or piping hot, curtains and blinds are actually a good thing. They help insulate the house and keep the cool or heat from coming in through the window panes. The thicker the curtain the better, when it comes to insulation. Also concerning insulation, people can make sure their doors and windows do not have cracks or drafts. If any air can get in or out of the house, electricity bills will be higher.

Another way to save money on electricity bills is to close off any unused room of the house. Guest rooms are particularly notorious for racking up unneeded expense. If a person has a guest bedroom that is rarely used, he can shut off the vent, which will prevent central heat and air from warming or cooling the room needlessly. The door to the room can be shut in addition to the vent when it is not in use to fully isolate it from the rest of the house.

During the summer, ceiling fans are wonderful to use to help distribute air conditioning. If people do not have ceiling fans, they may purchase floor or oscillating fans from local stores such as Target. When running fans, the central or wall air conditioning unit won’t have to be set at such a low temperature and will save a great deal of money on electricity.

When people are away from the house, be they at school or work or even away for a couple hours of shopping, the thermostat can be adjusted a few degrees to save money. In the summer, people can raise the thermostat so that it is a bit warmer than they like it while they’re gone. They should take care, though, not to turn the system completely off as it will take more energy to re-cool the house when they return than it would have taken just to leave it set at a pleasant temperature. The same can be done during the winter, only people can turn their thermostats to a little cooler temperature when they area away.

On cold wintery nights, people can turn their thermostats down and bundle up in bed. By using several thick blankets, they will be keeping warm without the aid of central heat. It is also a good excuse to snuggle up next to someone. Body heat is free. Conversely, in the stifling summer heat before bed, people can take a cool shower or a bath and wash their hair but not dry it. When they climb into bed with a wet head, it will actually keep cooling their bodies off and help them go to sleep. This way, people aren’t relying solely on their heat or air conditioning for comfort. They are using creative ways to help save money.

Electricity bills don’t have to break the bank. By putting the few above steps into practice, people will begin to notice a difference. When at one point, opening the electricity bill was a shock, it can now bring about a sigh of relief.

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