Is An Electric Gate A Good Investment?


The entrance to your home begins at your drive, and a formal entrance makes a very good impression. The extra security and convenience can make adding an electric gate to your property a valuable asset. If that is the only consideration, then the answer to asking is an electric gate a good investment would be yes. However, if the initial cost of the hardware purchase and installation is a drawback, then decide first if an electric gate fits your budget. If you can afford it, and have the space, there is really no disadvantage to having an electric gate.

First decide the purpose of the gate you will add to your property. Some gates are decorative, or used for privacy, and can even be installed by the homeowner with instructions provided by the retailer. If, however, the gate is intended more for security, different installation techniques may be necessary. With that in mind, research the make and style of the gate you want, and the kind of installation that is needed.

You can start your research online, since many pictures and descriptions of gates are available. To get an idea of how they actually look, and for more detailed information, you can visit a local retailer. A drive through your neighborhood will also give you some examples of the types of gates available, especially if there is newer construction nearby.

If you choose a traditional factory produced electric gate it may be more budget friendly, but you still want to be sure the gate is of high quality and will not need a lot of maintenance. This type of gate should be readily availabe without much delay. If on the other hand, your budget will allow a custom gate hand crafted by a metal artist, it will take longer for delivery, but surely worth the wait to have an elaborate or decorative one of a kind piece of artwork to enhance the beauty of your property. If you or a friend has artistic talent, you can even have an electric gate made to your own design specifications.

Metal gates are usually made from iron or hot galvanized steel, although aluminum is a possibility. After fabrication, the welds and rough spots are sanded both by machine and by hand. Your choice of color is applied, and your gate is finished with a powder coating and baked in an oven for long-lasting beauty and durability.

Gate Openers

A variety of electric gate openers are available, depending on how much you want to spend, the area involved and length of your driveway, that determines the distance to your home’s power source. The fastest gate opener, according to, is a bottom swing arm, that opens in 5 to 7 seconds, and the arm is out of view. Although it is not heavily constructed, it has a life cycle of up to 20 years. If swing gates are not an option due to space, slide gate operators can be used, but are more difficult to install.

Discuss the different openers with your local retailer, and ask about the manufacturer’s warranty, and the guarantee on installation if the retailer installs the gate. Ask how quickly service and replacement parts are available, and be sure to get information on how to open the gate in the event the opener malfunctions.


Various ways to enter your electric gate are by telephone entry, with keypads, card readers or remote controls, depending on how much in and out traffic you will have, or how you want to allow access to friends and relatives. Your retailer will have complete information and brochures for you to become familiar with the different access systems available.

If proper research is done and the right information is gathered, it will help to ensure that the electric gate you decide on will be the perfect enhancement for beauty, security and added value to your property.

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