Organize Those Drawers


Over the years drawers become unorganized, messy, cluttered. Dresser drawers, kitchen drawers, side table drawers. Just the thought of organizing them might overwhelm you, but don’t worry, the task is really quite simple. Just follow these tips:

1. Supplies

For this job all you really need are boxes, 3 of which are labelled “storage,” “charity,” and “to be placed.” You’ll also need an extra box to empty the contents of drawers into initially. When working on a drawer you must empty it completely, even if you think you only need to remove a few things. A blank slate is always best.

2. One space at a time
To successfully organize anything you must focus on one area at a time. Choose one area or room and stick to it. Once you complete that area you will be motivated to complete others.

3. Pre-planning
Once you have chosen an area to work with, imagine what you would like the drawers to contain. How do you want them to be organized? Having a vision will help your job run more smoothly. It will be far easier to weed out items that don’t belong.

4.  Diving In
One drawer at a time, empty the drawer, examine its contents and answer yourself the following questions:
* Does this item belong in a drawer?
* Should this item be in storage? (baby clothes, pictures, other keepsakes)
* Is this item garbage?
* Can someone else use this item, if I don’t need it anymore?
If the item belongs in a different drawer, place it in the “to be placed” box.

5. Be choosy
Items that are broken, torn, ripped, unfixable only take up valuable space in your drawers. Don’t be afraid to throw them out. When sorting through old clothes (especially kids) you can’t keep everything. Store the items you love and donate the rest to charity. Remember, every item falls into one of the following categories: drawer, storage, garbage, charity.
Drawer by drawer throughout your home you see an amazing difference.

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