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Many people are somewhat helpless when it comes to true organization. We all have too much stuff, not enough space and issues of keeping things. Chances are, however, when it comes to organization in the kitchen and in the bath most of what you have you use and need. So how do we organize the kitchen and bath so that the rooms looks good, the things are easy to find and use and everything fits?

The A-B-Cā€™s of Kitchen Organization ā€“ Organization in the kitchen is very important because space is usually at a premium. Most of us do not have nearly enough cabinet space, hardly any counter space and would gladly trade our washing machine for a pantry. One option is to buy less food and shop more often. This, however, does not take into consideration all those buy-one-get-one-free deals offered at many grocery stores nor does it take sales (buying 3 boxes of cereal because it is cheaper that way) into account. So where do you put extra food?

Cereal boxes aside (because those huge boxes are too hard to hide without a pantry, nor do they fit inside a cabinet), many food items can be hidden inside other items, disguised or incorporated into your decoration. Consider painting, stamping, Decoupaging or wrapping a box in pretty material and filling with canned goods. The decorating can tie in with your kitchen while the box can hold canned goods. Smaller boxes can be stacked on a countertop, larger boxes can be placed in the corner of the room with a plant (or better yet, a basket of fruit) on top. Small ones on the counter can also hold spice jars, tea bags and coffee making paraphernalia.

You can also incorporate kitchen items into your decoration. A grouping of coffee mugs, a coffee maker and choices of coffees not only looks inviting, but leaves the space in your cupboard for something else. A grouping of canned goods in the colors of a kitchen brings character to the room. A kitchen done in shades of green could have canned peas, beans, spinach and gooseberries lined in a row. That same kitchen could have cans of cherries, beets and red beans for a contrast. Other attractive pantry foods that can look good displayed include baking mixes, corn meals containers and boxes of tea. Using pantry foods as decoration not only saves on space, but helps you remember that you have the item and keeps you from buying more of the same things.

Bathroom Basics ā€“ Bathrooms can be as small as a toilet, a sink and a small shower so storing items can become quite a challenge. Creativity can pay off. The cabinet under the sink can hold essentials such as toilet paper, toilet cleaners and extra toiletries. If you do not have a cabinet then you can place pretty baskets underneath the sink. Shelves can also be added over the toilet tank and can hold extra toiletries, toilet paper and pretty towels folded or rolled. For open shelves you can use pretty baskets, boxes and gift bags.

Other things, like flower pots, can also be used to hold bathroom items. A medium flower pot looks pretty holding some bars of soap, a large flower pot can hold rolls of toilet paper and rectangular flower pots can hold rolls of towels. Vintage hooks can hold towels, a bowl can hold an assortment of scented lotions and canning jars can hold things like cotton balls, q-tips and colorful bath oils.

When it comes to organizing, let your imagination run wild. Bring in an outside chair to place stacks of towels on, line the underside of your cabinets with hooks to hang your mugs on, use those mugs to hold things like tea bags, cotton balls or the toothpaste and toothbrushes. Anything that can hold something can be used. Think creatively and organize/decorate to make you smile.

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