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When you own your own home, security lighting features are an important aspect to consider for the safety of you and your family. These lighting fixtures can help deter burglars from you home, help to prevent confrontational situations and give people the benefits of better visibility when the need arises to be outdoors.

Preventing You and Your Home from Being Victimized by Crime
The most common threat to a home is to be burglarized. According to the FBI a home burglary or invasion occurs every 15.4 seconds somewhere in the United States. Even when living in the most secure neighborhoods, this can be a problem. Light is the worst enemy of a would-be burglar or attacker. Having exterior security lights installed around your home prevents a would-be burglar from having the privacy that they need to break into windows and doors that are located in areas where there is low lighting. Since it takes a while for most burglars to break in, this provides the time for someone to notice this type of activity taking place and inform authorities in your area. Motion detector lighting features are especially helpful as they not only shed light in the areas that are normally concealed but they alert you to when there is movement that is not normally there.

Exterior security lights also have the ability to reduce your risks of being personally attacked on your own property. Statistics show that every 15 minutes there are some type of attack that occurs on a person’s own property including muggings, rape or just malicious acts. Security lighting gives you the ability to see more clearly what or who may be around you. These light fixtures also give neighbors the ability to see you when traveling from areas such as the garage to your home.

How to Properly Set Up Security Lighting Around the Home
While exterior security lighting is the number one way to help prevent being victimized by crime, it is important to make sure that you have adequate lighting in the right places for it to beneficial. Here is a list of some of the recommended areas for lighting that are suggest by law enforcement and FBI officials who deal with victims of this type of crime.

At Entry Doors:
You should use a lighting fixture that uses two bulbs or two single-bulb fixtures at each of the exterior doors to your home. By having a second bulb you will have the benefit of more light spread and you are covered if one of the bulbs ever burns out. Make sure that you also install lights for entry doors that you may not use often.

At Your Garage Door:
A light fixture should be installed about your garage door that has a motion sensor feature. This will alert you as soon as anyone approaches the area. This light should also have the double-bulb feature as well for backup and extra lighting.

Along Walkways and Driveways:
If you have a walkway from the garage or street to your home, or if you have a detached garage, you should make sure that a security lighting feature is implemented. These fixtures can be a post light at the end of your driveway or even low voltage lights that you line along the driveway or walkway to your home.

Under Eaves:
Floodlights should be installed on the sides of your home pointing downward from the eaves and at the corners of the home to help illuminate both sides of the home. Do not point the lights away from the house because this will leave an area that is left unlit, making it easier for burglars and attackers to hide. You should purchase lights for these areas that have a motion detector feature or a photoelectric cell which power them. Make sure that they are installed at height that is not accessible by the would-be burglar.

Under Windows:
For this area you will want to mount security lighting fixtures that use a low wattage and direct them from the ground up through any trees or shrubs that may be around the window area so the window is illuminated. The low wattage will allow for you to still see out of your window at the area surrounding your home.

Under The Deck:
If you have a walkout basement or an egress window in your basement that opens under a deck, you need to supply security lighting in this area as well. If you have a door you can use standard lighting fixtures that have a motion sensor feature. Windows should have a low-voltage well light that will provide a gentle illumination to the area.

By installing these security lights around your home you and your family will enjoy a new sense of security. You will also have the peace of mind in knowing that your home is safe when you need to leave.

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