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Whether you’re moving or just looking to get some of your clutter out of your house, a storage unit is the perfect answer. A lot of storage units will offer a wide variety of services to help your individual needs. When looking for a storage unit, go online and read through some of the customer reviews of different places. Never go with a storage unit that you have not read about.

When you need a place to put your stuff, you are going to need something that is not only secure, but is enough to handle your possessions. A lot of places will offer a wide range of storage units. Most have some that are no bigger than the walk in closet at your house, while other units can be as big as your garage. Make a list of the things that you are going to be storing and try to calculate how much space you’re going to need. If you have couches or tables that need to be stored, break out your tape measure and see the kind of range that you’re going need. This can effectively eliminate various dimensions that aren’t going to suit you.

When you go to the storage facility, ask to do a walk through of the property. The manager will be happy to show you each feature that their complex has to offer. Make sure that the storage unit has a fenced perimeter. Most of the complexes you come across will have these. If they do not have them, it would be best to leave the complex and find one that does. Cheaper complexes will have a fence that is very easy climb. The more secure complexes will have a fence with barbed wire on the top of them.

During this walk through, also be on the look out for security cameras. Ask the manager if there are any dead spots that the cameras cannot see. If they tell you that there aren’t any, they’re lying. All security systems have dead spots. The reason for this is because they don’t want to spend money on watching a place that has no value. They will secure all of the units, but not all of the property. Also be on the look out for security lighting. Security lighting is a great tool to scare off potential burglars. A storage complex will usually have most of their security lighting in the back and in the front. Request that you get a unit that is not near a dead spot and that it has ample security lighting.

Businesses and people that work out of their home use storage units as a place to keep important file and documents. These storage units provide security in the event of damage or loss of the original files. Most of these units utilize what is known as climate controlled systems. With a climate controlled system, the renter can effectively control the temperature and humidity of the inside unit. This is important for storing paper documents or any kind of electronics. This offers a better solution than storing these possessions in a old shed where they could mold mildew over time.

Over the last couple of years, the storage industry has gone through a lot changes. They are now tailoring their units to give customers the most secure solution possible. One of the things that they are now implementing is the use of security systems. When looking at a potential storage unit. Ask the manager what kind of security system they can give you. A lot of units with come with a security system that will alert the authorities when someone breaks in. This is a great deterrent for anybody trying to break into your unit. With this security system, be sure to inquire about fire sprinklers. Most of the units that have a security system will have a fire sprinkler attached to it.

When you’re thinking about going with a storage unit, you need to be thinking about the best security possible. Don’t be afraid to ask the manager about the security that they provide. They will be happy to give you a walk through and answer any questions you may have.

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