The Best Way to Get Rid of Cockroaches


When people move into a house or apartment, they may have to deal with the ugly truth of pests. One of the most common home-infesters is the cockroach. The good news is when people are prepared, even the worst infestation of cockroaches can be eliminated from a living space.

New tenants may move into a home only to find the last tenants let a cockroach problem get out of control. Roaches may be small and limited to the kitchen or they may be larger and crawl around in all rooms of the house. If even one roach is spotted, it is time to start taking care of the problem because even if there are only a few now, in time there will be more, guaranteed.

One good way to discourage roach activity is to get rid of any standing water. People should take care not to leave bathtubs or sinks filled with water for any more time than is necessary. If leaks occur in the bathroom, kitchen or any other part of the house, tenants should make sure to get that fixed. Cockroaches are drawn to water, so where water is, there they will be.

Similar to water, people should avoid leaving even the smallest amount of food out. It is a good idea to wash all dishes of any food as soon as they’re done being used. Cakes and other baked goods that are normally left out on the counter should instead be stored in air-tight containers or placed in the refrigerator. Roaches are nocturnal by nature, so even if they aren’t seen during the day, they will come out at night in search of any food that was left out. Also, trash cans should have lids and use thick trash bags that block any food smell that might come out of them.

When keeping the area free of standing food and water is not enough to discourage roaches, it is time to set out roach traps. Roach traps can be purchased from grocery stores as well as large department stores such as Wal-Mart. People should place the traps in every room. In the kitchen and bathrooms more than one trap is necessary. By putting traps in cupboards and under sinks, people are increasing their chances of the roaches going inside and taking the poison because they are naturally drawn to where the water and food is. After the roaches are drawn to the poison and eat it, they will also take some back to the nest to kill off any eggs.

A can of Raid should be kept on hand as well for the roaches that come out during the day. As soon as people spot them, all they need to do is point the nozzle and spray the roach. Roaches will die within a few seconds. Once dead, roaches still carry diseases, so in order to dispose of the dead bug it is important to use a fly swatter or a thick paper towel to pick it up. Roaches can be flushed down the toilet or thrown into the trash.

Doing the above steps should get rid of a cockroach problem, whether large or small. If the bugs persist after several months, any pest control company can come and treat the house with stronger chemicals. But by keeping all food and water out of reach, as well as placing roach traps throughout the house, most cockroach problems will soon be a thing of the past.

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