Tips to Buy a Good Mosquito Spray


When the weather is warm, mosquitos come out in full force. People only have to go outside for a minute or two in order to get bitten and then have to endure hours of uncomfortable itching. In order to prevent mosquito bites, it is important to keep a few things in mind when buying the perfect spray.

Perhaps the most important aspect of choosing a good mosquito spray is making sure to purchase one with the right primary active ingredient. DEET is a pesticide that is registered with the Environment Protection Agency. This ingredient works extremely well to fight against mosquitos. Experts advise, however, not to spray children three years old or younger with sprays that have a concentration of DEET of 30 percent or more because it may be toxic to them. For babies two months old and younger, no percentage of DEET is safe. Other main ingredients such as lemon or eucalyptus oil should also be kept away from children. Ingredients such as picaridin are a better choice for those who are younger.

Once a person has chosen a mosquito spray that is safe, it is a good idea to test it on the skin before purchasing. By spraying a small amount on the inside of the elbow, people will be able to see quickly if they are going to have an allergic reaction to the chemicals or not. People should make sure to avoid spraying the mosquito spray directly onto wounds, cuts or other skin irritations because it may cause more damage to the area and won’t be a good indicator if a person is really allergic to the spray or not.

Many mosquito sprays come in forms that differ from sprays. For instance, some repellents are made in the form of a lotion or wipe. People should decide which method of application is easiest for them when making the decision to buy a repellent. The smell of mosquito spray is also an important factor, as many people that wear it will have it on their skin for several hours. Some sprays advertise having little to no smell at all. If people find a spray with a smell that is more bearable than others, then that spray is going to be an ideal choice.

When spraying children with a mosquito spray, people need to take care not to get it on their hands. Children often put their hands in their mouths, and even if a mosquito spray doesn’t have any DEET, no insecticide is meant to be swallowed. By avoiding spraying the hands, parents can prevent discomfort or serious injury.

Pet stores offer types of mosquito sprays that are specifically made for pets. Dogs can get heartworm from mosquito bites, so it is especially important to keep them bite-free. Certain pet mosquito sprays are made from natural ingredients so owners will not have to worry about them licking their fur and ingesting any poison.

Certain brands of mosquito sprays have stood the test of time and continue to ward off the pests better than others. Off! is a very popular brand of spray and can be found in places like grocery stores, drug stores and department stores. Off! also offers a clip-on repellent that uses refills and avoids having to spray or wipe anything on the body. Some other repellent brands include Ben’s, Sawyer MAXI-DEET, Coleman and Cutter. Most mosquito sprays can be found for around $5 on average.

Summertime comes around every year, and with it the bugs appear. Mosquito spray is a needed product that families should take care to keep in stock, especially during the year’s hot months. By taking the time to find a spray with a tolerable smell, as well as choosing one that will not give an allergic reaction to its wearers, people are ensuring a successful experience with their repellent.

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