Ways to Save Money on Pool Running Costs


While a pool can bring countless hours of enjoyment for you and your family, it can also become quite expensive to keep running. This doesn’t have to be the case, however. With a little foresight and planning, pool expenses can be brought down without sacrificing enjoyment of the pool itself. Today, I am going to give you four basic steps that will allow you to keep your operating costs low, while keeping your enjoyment of the pool at an all time high.

Use a Pool Blanket or Cover

One of the greatest things that you can do for your pool, as well as your pocket book, is to keep your pool covered. Not only do pool covers keep nasty debris out of the pool, but it also prevents the pool from losing large concentrations of water due to evaporation. This is especially true during periods of low humidity, when heat will rob your pool of its most vital component, water. By keeping the pool covered, you not only keep your water bill under control, but you also prevent having to replace chemicals that may have been lost due to evaporation as well.

Use Chlorinator Timers

Many people set up their salt chlorinators and think very little about them. This is the worst thing that can be done in terms of safety and your pocketbook. Not paying attention to your chlorinator can result in a pool that is over sanitized or under sanitized, or one that is using chlorine inefficiently.Salt chlorinators should be placed on a timer to maximize the effectiveness of the chlorine. To maximize the effectiveness of the chlorine and save yourself some cash in the process, you should set the chlorinator to run during the evening hours. This is because chlorine breaks down in sunlight and doesn’t have a chance to work its magic if its added during the daytime hours. When the chlorine is added at night however, then the chlorine has a longer period of time to work before it evaporates. This can reduce the needed chlorine consumption of the pool by as much as thirty percent!

Do your own Testing

A lot of people like taking a sample of their pool water to their local pool retailer for complex analysis. For the most part, this testing is pretty good, but in a lot of cases it’s used to sell you expensive chemicals or treatments. These test often describe pool conditions that may seem alarming, but really aren’t that big of a deal. All the major problems with your pool water can be found with your inexpensive home test and don’t require “advanced treatments” that costs you an arm and a leg.

Prevention is the Best Cure

When it comes to algae, prevention is always the best cure. Algae is easy to prevent with the right precautions, but an established algae colony can be tough to get rid off once they made your pool home. Once these critters have set up a significant colony in your pool, it can require a number of expensive treatments to get rid of them. Always make sure that you use an algaecide and “shock treatments” in addition to chlorine treatments, to keep your pool free of these pests.

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