What a Pergolas Is, and What it is Used For


A pergola is an outdoor structure made of post or pillars. The construction material varies and may include materials such as cedar, metal, or vinyl. Pergolas are designed with open roofs. They may be attached to a house, a garage, an outdoor shed, a pool house, or various other structure. Or, they can be a free standing structure in your yard, your garden, on your patio, or beside of an outdoor pool.

There are numerous pergola kits available online and at local garden centers or home improvement stores. You can find instructions for building various sizes and styles of pergolas on internet DIY sites. Of course, there is also the option of having a professional build a pergola to your specifications that will meet your exact needs.

Pergola sizes and styles vary as do their uses. One common purpose of a pergola is to provide shade. While a pergola is designed with an open roof, you can purchase canopies for them. Canopies come in different styles and fabrics making it easy to find one that fits your decorating style. A pergola with open wooden beams across its top will provide some shade while continuing to allow sunlight to filter through. This is an excellent design if you plan to use your pergola as a location for growing lush green plants throughout the summer. You can place numerous hanging baskets around the pergola frame. The posts or pillars provide the perfect structure for clematis, wisteria, honeysuckle, cypress vine, trumpet vine, and many more varieties of flowering vines. One way to increase the shade under a pergola is to plant various types of ivy that will trail and climb over the structure blocking out some of the summer sunlight.

A pergola can be used at the end of a walkway to create a dramatic entrance to your home or garden. It can be adorned with flowers or the structure itself can become a piece of artwork for your landscape.

You can use a pergola to create an outdoor living area. There are wonderful pieces of outdoor furniture available. You can create a casual conversation area under your pergola with an outdoor sofa, chairs, ottomans, and accent tables. Or, if you prefer, you can design a dining area for entertaining family and friends.
This additional room can be created on your patio or out in your yard. To extend the use of this area, you can add solar lights to your outdoor room. There are many beautiful styles of solar lights, sconces, and lanterns that would make your outdoor room very attractive.

A pergola can be a useful addition to a pool area. It can provide a shaded gathering place for lounging around the pool. It is the ideal place for putting a few chaise lounges and a table. A colorful, removable canopy would assist in keeping this area cooler.

If you want to design a space on your patio or in your yard where you can spend a romantic evening with the love of your life, a pergola would be an excellent choice of construction for that area. With a couple of pieces of comfortable outdoor furniture and the addition of elegantly designed solar lights you could create a romantic retreat. The addition of a round outdoor daybed with a removable canopy would be the ultimate accessory to add elegance and romance to your pergola.

A pergola is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with a good book. It is also a comfortable place of escape for a nap. It provides a permanent structure for roses, ivy, and flowering vines to grow. It gives you a place to display a large assortment of hanging baskets. A pergola can be a beautiful functional focal point of your landscape design and an impressive way to welcome guest to the walkway that leads to your front door.

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