When is the Right Time to Replace the Refrigerator


Refrigerators, like other appliances, do not last forever. The coil compressor wears out, and the temperature does not remain consistent after some time has gone by. A refrigerator that is fifteen years old or older probably will need to be replaced. If your refrigerator is coming up on being this old, then you can budget your money accordingly and save up in advance. A refrigerator that is working properly should stay at a constant temperature of between thirty-three degrees and forty degrees fahrenheit. When it is no longer able to do this, your food could be in danger of spoiling. If your refrigerator is less than ten years old, it may be a good investment to have it repaired. Otherwise, it is probably time to get a new one. If you don’t want to pay full price, scratch and dent appliance stores are a great way to obtain a refrigerator in brand new condition and great working order, except for a few aesthetic problems like some minor dents and scratches. Saving money in this way will go a long way towards letting you put away money for future repairs to your home or car, or renovating a room in your house if you choose to do so. Watch for strange noises or obscure smells and changes in the temperature inside your refrigerator. These could be signs of a problem. You should periodically move your refrigerator out from the wall and sweep or vacuum behind it, and vacuum the coils behind the compressor with a vacuum extension to help the motor last longer. Sometimes, a freon leak is what is causing the change in temperature, and this can be repaired by a certified appliance specialist or refrigeration maintenance company.

Refrigerators are usually sold with some kind of warranty, so if your unit is still fairly new, you may want to check into getting it replaced under warranty at a great discount, or in some cases, for free. The reason refrigerators do not last as long as they used to is due to cost saving measures being taken at the factory, and sometimes due to quality issues. If you believe you’ve been sold a bad unit, you should try to get your money back within the first thirty to sixty days of the purchase of your refrigerator. This, however, is not always possible, especially if you bought your refrigerator used. Making the determination of whether to have your refrigerator repaired or whether it should be replaced depends on some of the factors discussed above, and how much money you’ve budgeted for unexpected repairs also will play a part in your decision. Some excellent quality brands are available at discounted prices if you look in the newspaper for half-price sales and closeouts, as wells as the scratch and dent stores mentioned before. If you’re not happy with the quality of your food and drink or you know your refrigerator has issues that cannot be fixed on the cheap, it is time to get a new one. However, before going out and buying your new refrigerator, you should check behind it and see if the compression coils need cleaned, or try to determine if there is a simple leak somewhere that can be fixed for a nominal fee. These are some ways that you can save yourself some money, not to mention a lot of time, trouble and effort. The cost of a new refrigerator is not something that everyone can afford, so weigh the information according to what you know you can budget. While the discounts that can be afforded to you by buying from a scratch and dent store are many, be sure that the damage is only exterior. Any motor malfunctions or temperature control issues should be immediately reported to the person who sold you the refrigerator, and you should be provided with a replacement. Be sure to save your receipt.

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