Whirlpool Bathtubs are the Ultimate Luxury


People who have bought homes, or are in the process of buying a home that does not have a whirlpool bathtub in it are finding ways to build their own whirlpool bathtub. Many people may believe that they have to buy a home that already has a whirlpool installed, but that is not the case. Whirlpools are easy to purchase and install by people themselves. They do not need to have any extra help from professional installers. The first thing a person needs to do is to find out the dimensions of their bathtub and their bathroom doors. The doors need to be wide enough that a whirlpool bathtub can be brought in. Measuring the doors is one way to find out the dimensions of the door, so that a person cay buy the right size whirlpool bathtub. The next step is to measure the bathtub area to find out how big or long the whirlpool bathtub needs to be. The third step is to make sure that the floors of the bathroom can withstand having a whirlpool bathtub sitting on top of it. Most bathroom floors can take up to forty pounds of extra weight.

Whirlpool bathtubs are the ultimate in luxury when it comes to having a place to go to relax, and sit in a nice hot whirlpool bath. People can feel as if they are being treated to a full body massage. The great thing is that people can stay in their whirlpool bathtub for hours if they want. The whirlpools are most sought after due to their deep basins and air jets. Whirlpool bathtubs can be bought at any Home Depot, Menards, or Lowe’s stores. Whirlpools can also come in four different shapes, such as a corner size, recessed, platform, or freestanding. The corner sized and platform whirlpools are usually the most popular shapes, because they are easier to fit most anywhere. People who like to use bubbles in their bathtubs will need to check with the manufacturer before using them in the whirlpool. The size of the whirlpools can also be sized to fit two people, or just one person. If a person buys a platform tub to install, they will need to make sure that they measure the area for the platform because the tub will be placed inside of the platform when it is ready to be installed.

All of the tubs will have an acrylic fiberglass reinforcement, center outlet, form fitted backrest, single speed self draining pump, and a pre-leveled tub bottom with an adjustable jet flow. The tubs will also come in different colors that will fit most people’s bathroom d├ęcor. Kohler bathtubs are the most popular brands of whirlpool tubs that people will buy. The Kohler whirlpool tubs come in different designs, such as acrylic, cast iron, or claw foot. The acrylic claw foot tubs are the most popular Kohler designs because they have seven jets, as well as a 1.5 horsepower motor. The claw foot tubs also come with either a foot or pump mounting. There are four different styles of clawfoot whirlpool tubs. There are the slipper tubs, roll top tubs, pedestal, corner, classic, walk in tubs, double slipper on feet, or the double ended bathtubs. The roll top whirlpool tubs are the biggest sellers. The acrylic claw foot tubs come with 60 inch double end with seven inch drillings. The tubs have four chrome legs that sit comfortably on the bathroom floor.

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