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A wooden garden shed can provide you with many benefits. Many homeowners consider building their own garden shed to store garden tools, landscaping equipment and other supplies. Some will also use this building for a safe environment to establish seedlings before moving them outdoors. A garden shed may be larger or smaller in size, and it can add function and convenience alike to your gardening experience. Before you start building your own garden shed, however, there are a few things you should consider fully.

Home Tech

Every homeowner and renter wants to feel comfortable in their home. You never want to feel like you need to worry when you lock your door and drive to work for the day. The problem is, in today’s turbulent economy, more and more home burglars are breaking into homes and taking valuable items. In fact, home burglaries make up about 90 percent of the non-violent crime in the nation. You do not want to fall victim to home burglars just because you are not prepared. The best way to protect yourself in this situation is to invest in a monitored alarm system. Choosing the best alarm system and...

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For many regions of the country, drought can cause a serious problem with water shortages, high temperatures, and little or no rain. Luckily, the rise in popularity of earth friendly living has created a movement of people catching and harvesting rain water in order to use it for a variety of different projects and other uses in times of need. Installing a rain catchment system can be done at home without the help of professionals, though extremely complex rain harvesting and rain water treatment systems can also be installed by professionals. By taking a look at your water needs, budget, and the...

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A basement that develops water damage can cause serious consequences for your home. Water can cause foundation problems, mold and mildew. Repairing the damage can cost tens of thousands of dollars if it is caught late in the process. However, if you spot the warning signs early, you can decrease the amount of money it will cost to repair the damage. If you are considering purchasing a home, these warning signs can help prevent you from purchasing a home that will need immediate repairs to be completed.


Choosing a set of kitchen knives is a decision that any home-owner should not take lightly. Having a good set of quality knives helps to make cooking much easier, and selecting a great set is an investment. Although knives can be expensive, with proper care and maintenance, uses can expect to have the same set for many years to come.


How To Build A Chicken Coop

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Raising chickens is a great hobby that provides you with fresh eggs, meat and fertilizer for your garden. As with any animal, chickens require some form of housing. This usually entails the building of a chicken coop. You don’t need special carpentry skills or overly complicated plans. Chickens will be happy and healthy as long as you meet their basic needs.


Chicken Breeds There are several breeds of chickens that lay blue-tinted eggs. Two of these, the Ameraucana and the Araucana or Rumpless Araucana, are the most commonly found in the United States. A third type which is widely available is called an Easter Egger.


What Table Scraps Can I Feed to My Chickens?With continually rising food costs, more and more people are looking for ways to save money on food bills. Many communities now allow small flocks of chickens to be raised for personal use. Fresh eggs are much tastier and of better quality than eggs purchased from commercial egg-laying farms.


Building a Chicken Run in Your BackyardSo you have decided to get chickens. Chickens are a great resource for fresh eggs and meat that can be raised in a wide variety of environments and spaces. While they probably aren’t a great choice for apartment dwellers, chickens in an urban setting can do well if managed and cared for properly.

Although squirrels are endearing little critters, they love to chew and nibble on almost everything in your garden. Occasionally, they will chew through wood, becoming a nuisance by invading attics or other parts of your home. With natural, environmentally safe sprays, physical barriers, or a combination of the two, you can limit the damage squirrels do.


How to Keep Your Garden CleanKeeping your garden clean, neat, and fresh can be a challenging task, especially for those new to gardening. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to help prepare and maintain your garden so that regular cleaning is therapeutic and enjoyable, not frustrating. Try these simple, time-saving methods to prevent serious problems before they occur and make your gardening work a little easier.