Add Value to Your Home Aquarium by Installing a Bubble Wand


Having a school of color fish in an aquarium is an irresistible hobby.  Home aquarium is gaining popularity and requires some nuances to maintain it.  Like any other pet product list, aquarium product catalog is also endless and some of the needs are very important.  One such need is continues oxygenating of water in the fish tank.  Obviously, if unattended, the volume of oxygen in the water will deteriorate and the color fish will suffer a lot.  Common practice among the hobbyists is to install an oxygenating equipment in the home aquarium.  Bubble wand is an easy pick.

Adding Value to the Aquarium

Bubble wand is a battery powered bubble producer.  It beautifies the fish tank with continues flow of bubbles, which give a curtain effect to the home aquarium.  Bubble wand also sufficiently oxygenates the water in the tank and ensures a healthy group of color fish in your aquarium.  Since space constraint is overt for these pets, water circulation is imminent and mandatory.  Bubble wands fulfill this need to a great extent.

Options and Best Practices

Different sizes, models and brands of bubble wands are available in the pet market.  Even kits are sold for creative usage with endless options.  There are also flexible wands which produce shimmering release of bubbles.  In most of the models, open-cell wand porosity delivers superior action of bubbles.  Reputed brands come with life time warranty on performance.  Many more additional performance features that add value to your home aquarium are readily obtainable in the marketplace.  Don’t be surprised if you come across some weird models that guarantee a Double Bubble effect with bubbles within bubbles!

Easy Installation

Four to six feet of airline tubing that accompanies the bubble wand gives you endless creative options.  Hefty suction cups tightly hold the glass surface.  This ensures maximum stability.  Anchor like installation option is also available in case if you wish to install the bubble wand below the gravel bed of your home aquarium.  Certified reliability and safety aspects are to be taken into account while selecting a bubble wand.  Read specifications and simple instructions before installing.

Advantages of Bubble Wands

•    Creates curtain effect and pleasing view to the aquarium by the release of continuous bubbles
•    Oxygenate the water in the fish tank
•    Extends the life of your air pump by lessoning the back pressure
•    Camouflages greatly inside the gravel bed and exhibits only the stunning bubbles
•    Helps maintain a homogeneous temperature all over the tank
•    Increases the life duration of color fish and minimizes the mortality rate

Solution as Conclusion

Even though air-stones are available, that can never match the bubble wands.  These wands sit across the home aquarium tank bottom and scatter a stream of bubbles.  Oxygen is life for the color fish in your tank.  Beauty is the purpose of a home aquarium.  Bubble wands accomplish these two needs.  Give the advantage of at home feeling to your silent pets.  Extend the decorative upshot to your living room.

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