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For pet owners who want to save money on groomer bills, buying their own pet clippers is a must. If pets are cooperative enough to let their owners clip their hair without a hassle, people can save hundreds of dollars by doing this task themselves. Not all clippers work equally well, though, so it is vital that pet owners do their homework before making a clipper purchase.

Dogs, especially those with long hair, tend to get more hair clumps than short haired dogs. Dogs that like to play and run outside are particularly at risk for thick tangles. In order to avoid having to go to the groomer twice a year for a haircut, good dog clippers can do the trick from home. Before buying a clipper, people should see how much hair they can get untangled simply by using a comb. If that still doesn’t work, then it is time to start clipper shopping.

A good motor is required for pet owners who want a long-lasting set of clippers. When dog hair gets matted, it can be extremely tough and thick. Two clipper brands that have continued to receive good reviews are Andis and Oster. The two companies offer single-speed clippers, which produce 3,000 cutting strokes per minute. The two-speed clippers can go up to 3,500 cutting strokes per minute. Good two-speed clippers are also designed not to get too hot, so holding them can remain comfortable to the user. These two brands of clippers also run quietly, so as not to alarm the dog and make him wiggle.

Keeping clippers oiled is an important part of maintaining their workability. Many professional clippers have the bonus of staying oiled for up to 100 hours of working use. These types of clippers can be bought by anyone. Also, people should take into consideration whether or not they want clippers with a cord. For small dogs that can be held in the lap, a cord might not be a big deal. But for a larger dog that may be too big to hold, cordless clippers might prove to be easier, as the person doing the clipping will have much more freedom in his or her range of movement. When fully charged, cordless clippers provide around 30 minutes of maximum clipping time.

Finding a good fit for every individual’s hand can save the person doing the clipping needless wrist pain. When people shop for clippers, they should hold them in their hand and bend their joints to see if the clippers are going to feel right. Some clippers may be too large and bulky for certain people. Others might be too small. Ergonomics is an important aspect to consider when shopping for any objects operated by hand.

Pet owners need to decide on how short they want their pet’s hair. Some may only want to trim the ends, while others may want to practically shave their animal. To determine what type of blade to get, people can keep in mind that the closer they want to cut the hair, the higher the blade number they are going to need. A sales associate can also help with any questions on the type of cut a pair of clippers provides. Finally, pet owners need to be prepared to spend around $120 for a high-quality pair of clippers and can purchase them online as well as local pet stores.

People don’t have to lose a ton of money on their pets. Saving that hard-earned cash by not going to the groomers is well worth the purchase of a good pair of pet clippers. Not only will their pets feel better without tangled, matted hair, the owners can rest easy knowing their special housemates are being clipped by a trustworthy person who cares for them.

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