Constructing a Low Cost Rabbit Cage in Simple Steps


Rabbits make for good pets because they are relatively low maintenance, and cute fun for the kids. Still, buying a cage for a pet rabbit can be a little on the expensive side. Many people would rather just build their own cage if they knew how. Thankfully, building a wire cage for a rabbit is actually a very simple process that almost any adult can accomplish with a few basic materials and tools. All it takes is a few simple steps to accomplish this.

First you will need to buy a few supplies. These include two boxes of unassembled wire storage cubes and two packs of one hundred cable ties. You will also need a piece of plywood that is 28 inches wide and one or two feet long. You will need four wooden dowels. Two of them will be forty six inches long, and two of them will be thirty two inches long. All will be 1 1/8th inches wide. Three small spring clamps are also required, as well as furnishings.

You will start by assembling a large wall consisting of nine unassembled wire storage squares. Do this by laying them out next to each other and fastening them together with cable ties. Repeat this step again to assemble the other wall.

The two smaller walls consist of six squares of wire. Again, attach them together using cable ties. Two squares of wire will remain. These can be discarded. Use cable ties to connect the four walls to one another. You can manipulate the cage into a shape that you like. Next, place two dowels against the inside of the cage where you want to place the shelf. These dowels will be used to keep the shelves from falling. Place the plywood shelves onto the dowels. Tighten all of the cable ties and cut them off so that there is no excess. Use more cable ties to attach the dowels to the cage and again cut off any excess so that it is secure.

You can make a door for the cage by cutting the ties off of one or two of the wire squares on the side and top of the door. The spring clamp can then be used to keep this door secure.

Furnish the cage. Rabbits enjoy a few towels to use as a bed. Give them a few toys to chew on as well as a litter pan and food and water dishes. The toys will prevent them from chewing on the cable ties and eating away at the cage.

By following these steps you can build a cage for a rabbit for a very low price. The rabbit certainly won’t know the difference, and by tweaking the instructions to your liking you can make the cage as big or small as you like. This is a great way to save yourself a decent amount of money and to provide a home for your pet rabbit that they will enjoy for many years to come.

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