Expert Tricks on Removing Urine From the Carpet


Pets are considered one of the family members in most homes around the world. Spending money on pet grooming and vet bills has positioned these lovable creatures on a high level of regard in the family’s pecking order. Travelers to European cities will experience dining while pets sit under tables or beside their owners. They are a cherished part of most peoples’ lives but as loveable as they are, from time to time the carpet is an area that will be sprinkled with urine.

The smell of lingering urine is distasteful and annoying for both homeowners and guests. Many remedies have been formulated to eliminate these undesirable smells and odors. A little elbow grease and a few household ingredients found on most kitchen pantry shelves will make these unwanted smells and carpet stains dissipate.

Use an absorbent towel or paper product that will draw the liquid to the carpet’s surface on an area that is wet with a fresh urine deposit. Soaking up as much urine as possible will prevent the soiled area from spreading on the carpet and being absorbed into the padding. For a larger area, sprinkle some kitty litter into the carpet fibers for greater absorbency of urine. When the soiled area has been blotted adequately, some household products can be gathered for the next steps.

White vinegar and hydrogen peroxide are great aids in eliminating the lingering odors of pet urine in carpet. A solution of either 50% vinegar or hydrogen peroxide combined with 50% warm water evaporates the urine smells in carpet. A clean absorbent towel with a generous amount of the vinegar or peroxide mixture can be patted vigorously on the carpet. Separating the fibers will allow the mixture to penetrate to the base of the carpet where odors can become trapped. The vinegar solution will at first have a strong smell but as it dries the smell will completely evaporate.

For especially tough stains and odors, use the vinegar solution first and let dry for a few hours or until the next day. Then, treat the affected area using the same technique with the hydrogen peroxide solution. The peroxide will not have an odor when using. After those applications, another round of cleaning will ensure that the odor will not reoccur through the use of a hand held, or upright carpet cleaning machine. Specific carpet cleaners to eliminate pet odors are available for use in carpet cleaning machines. After the cleaning has been completed, a carpet freshener can be sprinkled on the carpet for a fresh cleaning, smelling, and feeling carpet.

Baking soda is another common household item that can be spread over a urine area. The soda can be generously sprinkled over any spots and left for a few hours or overnight. Spreading by hand or with feet will push the baking soda through the carpet fibers to the base. Baking soda is highly advertised for eliminating odors, and is an effective and inexpensive means of removing urine spots and odors.

For highly soiled carpet areas a professional carpet cleaning service may be the right choice. Puppies and new pets have a lot of accidents that can be hidden if not seen while the carpet is wet. Too many urine areas may need the benefit of an industrial strength carpet cleaning machine. Most times, the timeless home remedies are the most efficient and least expensive way to keep carpet fresh looking and smelling.

Pets and removing urine stains and smells from carpet go hand in hand. A beloved pet has animal behaviors that cannot always be controlled, and a sprinkling of urine on the carpet from time to time is expected. Take the time to find the trick that tackles the job of keeping carpet looking and smelling great all the time.

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