Great Toys to Keep Your Dog Busy


If you’ve come home even once to find your favorite pair of shoes torn to shreds, you’ve probably been looking for ways to keep your dog busy and out of trouble when you’re not around.  Here are some of the best toys you can give your pup to keep him content:
1.    Kong Toys:  The classic Kong is a hard rubber toy with a hollow space inside where you can pack treats.  Various different treats and fillings are sold to put into Kongs, or you can go to the Kong website and look up some of the recipes they recommend.  The idea is that it takes a lot of work to get the treats out from the inside of the toy, which will keep your dog working busily—sometimes for hours!

2.    Smoked dog bones:  Smoked beef or pork bones are a favorite treat of almost all dogs, and will often keep them busily chewing for hours.  As an added bonus, chewing real bones helps to clean your dog’s teeth and freshen his breath.  Just remember that chicken bones should never be given, as they can splinter and injure your dog.

3.    Everlasting Treat Ball:  This tough rubber ball has a place to hold Everlasting Treats, which are sold in different flavors and are designed to keep your dog chewing and gnawing for hours.

4.    Molecuball:  The Molecuball is a food dispensing ball you can use to feed your dog his meals.  Instead of using a dish, you put your dog’s food into this rubber ball, which he must push and roll around as little by little the kibble comes out of a hole in the ball.  This won’t keep your dog busy for as long at the Kong will, but it will distract him for several minutes so you can get a few things done without having to worry about what he’s getting into.

5.    Buster Cube: The Buster Cube is a food dispensing ball along the same lines as the Molecuball, the only difference being that you can adjust the difficulty level on the Buster Cube.  That means that once your dog gets the hang of how it works, you can make it more difficult so that it will keep him occupied longer.

6.    Teaser Ball: If you’d rather not give your dog treats packed with extra calories, the Teaser Ball is an excellent choice.  The Teaser Ball has a ball inside of another ball, which should keep your dog busily pawing and chasing as it rolls around.

7.    Hide-A-Bird:  This toy includes a large plush bird house and three squeaker birds inside that your dog can pull out through holes in the birdhouse.  If your dog likes squeaker toys, there is a good chance he will devote plenty of time to pawing at this toy until he gets all three birds out.

8.    Talking Football: The Talking Football and similar toys have a small recorder inside that allows you to record a message for your dog that will continue to replay as he plays with the toy.  This is great for dogs that are very responsive to hearing their owner’s voice.

9.    Ice cubes:  It may surprise you, but plenty of dogs love to lick and chew plain old ice cubes.  They won’t keep your dog busy for hours as some other toys might, but giving your dog an ice cube is often good for a few minutes of peace when you’re trying to get out of the house in the morning.  If your dog doesn’t go for plain ice, try freezing some of his favorite treats inside ice cubes, and he is bound to change his mind.

All of these toys may be easily found online and many are likely available at your local pet store.  One of the best ways to make sure these toys hold your dog’s interest is to buy a few and change which ones you offer him from day to day or week to week.  Go ahead and try it—the shoes you save may be your own!

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