How to Build a Cat Climbing Tower


Cat gyms, cat trees, and cat climbing towers are expensive and can run into the hundreds, depending on size and design. If you have one or more cats, they will love a cat climbing tower since cats usually like to play hide-and-seek as well as chasing and climbing. This will also prevent your cats from climbing into other pieces of furniture, as they will like the many features that a well-designed cat climbing towers offer them. You do not have to spend hundreds building one, as all you need is wood, carpet, and a cylinder, depending if you want to add some extra features to it.

The first thing to do is to have a design in mind. Think of what your cats like to do and put it in paper. A good design should include space for climbing such as one or two platforms, a space for laying or hiding and poles, or a platform for scratching. Later you can attach some toys with ribbon or shoelaces, such as hanging mice.

You do not have to spend a lot of money in wood, recycled wood is fine to use. Think of ways to find free wood or cut your own if you have a few trees in the backyard that you can spare. Ask your neighbor, friends, and family for pieces of wood they might not be using. You can also use wood from pieces of solid wood furniture that will be thrown out. This way you do a favor to the planet as well as give your cats a new toy.

You will need a few pieces of 4×4′s or equivalent wood pieces, a couple of platforms cut to the size you want, but big enough that the cats can jump into it without falling, and a larger platform if you are going to build one solid base. How you position these is up to you and the design you choose to build, but keep in mind that some have to be lower than others are so cats can jump from each one to the next. One or two platforms are fine, but you can build more and make a bigger cat climbing tower.

Attach the 4×4 pieces of wood to the small platforms, and then to the larger base. Make sure to attach them well so they are not wobbly. You can attach a cylinder made of a recycled drum like container or a square box to use as a hiding place for the cats. You can also attach a slanted platform to one side and cover it with remnant carpet to use as a scratching post. The posts can also be covered with remnants of carpets. It is important to hide well or hammer down any nails or staples so cats nails are not caught in them. In addition, file down any rough areas or corners. You can place bedding material inside the cylinder or box shaped part so cats can enjoy a nap as well. Attach a few toys with a string or ribbon so your cats can play with them.

If you are not sure of which design to use, you can mimic the designs you see at pet stores or online. The important thing is to build it sturdy and safe for your cats.

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