Pet Safety – Be Prepared With Pet Supplies and First Aid Kits and a Plan


Every year proud new pet parents and seasoned pet lovers spend billions of dollars on their new family pet to make sure they are well cared for with expensive pet foods, beds, toys and numerous other luxuries now available for pets. However, one area of pet care is often overlooked. Planning and implementing a pet safety plan and organizing a first aid kit should be a top priority when welcoming your new family member home.

With the uncertainty and chaos that constantly plague our world these days, it’s vital that you include your pet’s safety when you are setting up your own emergency plan and first aid kit. Unfortunately, many pet parents overlook their pets when preparing for emergencies and when tragedy strikes, they are woefully unprepared.

Pets are highly sensitive so it is not uncommon for them to show extreme fear or even aggression when dealing with an injury or natural disaster. To begin preparing your home with pet safety supplies, start by preparing a complete pet first aid kit. The kit needs to contain basic medical supplies to treat your pet in case of a medical emergency or injury. Include the following basic supplies:

-Sterile bandages and gauze with medical tape to treat wounds.
-Disposable gloves and scissors for cutting bandages and tweezers.
-Instant cold packs and eye wash.
-Styptic powder or blood stopper to stop bleeding.
-Water-based lubricant to keep fur out of the wound.
-Flashlight for examination.
-Baby aspirin for pain and any other necessary medications.
-An animal CPR guide for airway, Heimlich and breathing.

These are the basics necessary to treat your pet. Keep them all in a container or bag so that you can grab them and go if you need to. You can also purchase a first aid kit if you would rather opt for convenience. Don’t forget to keep your veterinarian’s regular phone number and emergency phone number in the kit as well. Even with treatment, you should always get your pet to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

You also need to prepare for extreme disaster emergencies such as a hurricane or tornado. It’s recommended that you include at least three days worth of food and water for your pet but it may be prudent to plan for up to a week. Remember pets are likely to react poorly in an emergency situation, so be prepared by making sure they have a good collar on with their name, phone number, address and vaccination tags. Pets often bolt out doors or jump fences when they are frightened, so consider other pet safety products including a pet carrier, lighted or flashing collars and a GPS tracker.

Your pet safety kit should also include:

-Blankets for warmth and comfort.
-Toys and chew sticks to help your pet cope with their anxiety.
-Portable Bowls for feeding and watering.
-A sturdy leash and collar for control and safety.
-A length of rope, cord or chain in case you need to secure your pet.
-A flashlight or light sticks for walking and caring for your pet.
-A bucket, poop bags and pickup tool or disposable litter pan with liners.
-Towels, paper towels and dryer sheets for freshening your pet’s coat.
-Your pet’s medical records, vaccination history and a list of any medications.
-Keep a current photo of your pet in case they do get separated from you.
-Consider packing a muzzle, remember even the calmest animals can react poorly to stress.
-Include vet clinics or shelters that could board your pet if necessary.

Pets are an important part of our family so take the time to prepare an emergency pet first aid kit and a disaster kit for your precious pet. Keep your emergency supplies all together and easy to locate so that you can grab them and go quickly. Take action now and prepare your kit, because a good pet safety prevention plan will give your pet the tools necessary to survive an emergency or disaster.

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