Rabbits Make Great Pets


Rabbits are a wonderful choice for a pet. They love to cuddle, enjoy playing and can be taught to use a litter box. On top of that, rabbits get along great with children, as well as other household pets, do not need yearly shots and can even be taken for walks.

It is beneficial for the rabbit, as well as fun for the family, to allow her to run free in a certain room. The kitchen seems to work best for most people because if the rabbit does make a mistake it is easy to clean up her mess from a kitchen floor. For safety reasons, (the rabbits as well as the houses) it is good to restrict a rabbit to one room only. The kitchen, the heart of the home, gives a rabbit constant contact with her human family and allows her to be in the midst of things.

Rabbits love to chew – A common knowledge of rabbits as well as a true fact. They will chew almost anything. This can be hurtful to a rabbit; as it would be with wallpaper glue, may cause death; rabbits will chew on electrical cords and will most definitely be detrimental to your house. Rabbits will peel the wallpaper right off your walls, nibble on the molding of your walls or doorway and eat a couch or table leg. By closing her off to one room, and providing her with things to chew (cardboard box, chunks of wood), your rabbit, and your house, will be better off.

Cuddle Bunnies – Rabbits love to be petted. A rabbit will sit in your lap until you get tired of petting her, get a cramp from sitting there so long or simply get bored. Rabbits can even tell you that they want some love if you let your rabbit run free. She will hop up to you and continually bump her nose to the side or back of your foot until you get the message. Sit down at the table, have a long cup of coffee and massage her with your feet when she shows up – and she will show up.

Rabbits love to play – Provide your rabbit with playthings scattered on the kitchen floor or in her cage. Rabbits love balloons almost as much as they love chewing on things. They will continually bop balloons with their noses, follow them around and bump them back to you if you join in their game. They also like small balls, tubes and anything else that they can roll. Just make sure it is big enough so that the rabbit cannot eat it so, for instance, no marbles.

Rabbits love to munch – Just like us, rabbits love variety in their meals. Sure they require rabbit food, since it does include all the minerals they need, but they also like treats. Rabbits love most vegetables, some fruits and dried Timothy Hay which also has the nutrients they need. Vegetables that rabbits like include Romaine, red or green leaf lettuce, carrots, kale, broccoli, spinach, green peppers and celery. Fruits include apples, blueberries, peaches and strawberries. There are some foods that rabbits can not eat including chocolates, breakfast cereals and pasta. Make sure to get the full list from a rabbit care book.

Rabbits do need some care – Although rabbits are pretty low-maintenance they do need a clean cage, a clean litter box, fresh water from a clean bottle (the bottles get slimy if you do not clean them regularly) and fresh food. They also need their toenails trimmed once in awhile. You can either take them to a groomers for this (around $15) or learn to clip them yourself (pretty easy, just cover the rabbits eyes by turning her face in towards your knees as you kneel on the floor).

With love, a little care, fresh water and food and monthly toenail clippings, a rabbit will make a great pet for anyone.

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