The Pet Shedding Blues


Well, it seems to be that time again. Pet hair can be found on your lovely and rather expensive sofa, all over your new sweater and every where in sight it seems. What on earth are you supposed to do about this mess? While pet shedding can be a pain it can also be dealt with.

Combing or brushing your pet’s hair a few times a week may reduce the amount of hair they shed every where around the house. An important thing to remember is to make sure your pet is getting the nutrients that it needs. An unhealthy pet is something you don’t want, because not only is it not good for them but it can also cause their coat to become very dry, thin or brittle. Multivitamins are not only good for you but for your pet as well.

Another good tip is to bring your animal to a pet groomer, and have someone there shave your pet. This really isn’t as bad as it sounds, I promise! All the groomer will do is shave the long/short hair from off of your pet, leaving it with very short but soft hair. I recommend doing this during the summer season. If you’re going to bring in your dog and if it’s female then a cute idea is to ask the groomer if they can add a small bow on each of her ears. I used to get the groomers where I took my dog to do it all of the time. She always went into the dog grooming parlor scared, but she always ended up coming out happy as can be. You know you have a good groomer when your dog comes out, licking their groomer’s face!

Many pet owners tend to like to use a vacuum hose on animals that aren’t afraid of the vacuum to remove shedding hair when it becomes a real problem. Also, a few people suggest using a lint roller on their animal’s coat. It removes their loose hairs much like it removes hair, lint, etc. from off of our clothes. The above all tip for shedding pets is to bathe and blow dry them! Keeping them clean and dry will help some what with the problem.

For animals with matted hair the best suggestion I can give you is to first clip the knots of hair from off of your pet with a pair of scissors. Do not cut too close to the skin! From there just give it a good bath and blow dry it. If you know a pet groomer he/she may be willing to show you how to properly groom your pet. However, if you don’t know a pet groomer then try calling around at your local pet grooming shops. A groomer there might do it for you at a low cost! It doesn’t hurt to try.

If your dog sheds at an abnormal rate take him to the vet as it may be a health issue.

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