Ways You Can Care for an Aging Pet


It is sad to watch our pets age. The average pet will live more than ten human years. By then the pet is an established member of the family. The thought that your pet is nearing the end of its life is unbearable. As hard as it is to think about, you do want to take care of your aging pet and make its final years or months as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, both for the pet and for you.

Our pets can have the same kinds of health problems as we have when they get older.  Diabetes, arthritis, hearing loss, and loss of eyesight are quite common ailments for aging pets. Pets can also have a hard time eating when they are getting older. Like humans, they can lose weight and become weak without the proper nutrition. Pets can unfortunately begin to have accidents when they are old as well.

Exercise and Nutrition

The first step is caring for an aging pet is to make sure that your pet is getting the proper nutrition and enough exercise. Your pet isn’t going to eat as much, so make sure that you get your pet the food it likes, but make sure it’s a healthy food. Some pet foods contain a lot of sugars and unhealthy preservatives and fillers. Consider finding a pet food that is specifically formulated for senior pets. The pet food companies know that aging pets aren’t going to eat as much so they make sure that they can still get the proper nutrition with less food. Try to walk your dog daily or get your cat to play or go outside for some exercise for as long as the pet can handle it.


You will want to be sure to take your pet for regular vet visits. As you notice symptoms with your pet, write them down in a notebook that you keep in one spot. That way you will have all of your concerns in one place and won’t forget to bring them up with the vet when you take your pet for a check up.


If your pet begins to have trouble getting around, it could be a sign of arthritis. Be sure to have the animal checked for this at the vet because it could be something entirely different. There are new over the counter treatments for dogs with arthritis that can be purchased, but an aspirin a day will help just as much. Try a baby aspirin first for smaller dogs, but for large arthritic dogs a regular aspirin is fine. It won’t hurt your pet and the benefits could be the difference between you having to help your pet outside to use the bathroom or not.

Bathroom Breaks

Speaking of bathroom troubles, caring for your aging pet means having the utmost compassion for your pet. Don’t get angry at your pet when your pet becomes unable to control its bathroom time. It won’t do you or your pet any good. Try putting down some puppy pads in a private spot so that your pet can use them. Cats will use the puppy pads, too, but an extra litter box or two around the house will make kitty feel more comfortable.

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