Moth damage to your home


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We lost a cedar tree during the hurricane. I took old socks and filled up a bunch of them with cedar shavings and needles. Then I sewed up the ends. My cedar socks will go into my wardrobe and cedar chest for additional protection for my wool sweaters. Now if I could only keep the moths away from my run in the front dining room.


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Oh, yeah... just love the smell of spam in the morning. :rolleyes:

Might not have thought that if you weren't posting the exact same post in other sections, although the links do rather give it away.


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I received some cedar socks as a gift once and loved them. I put them in my sweater drawer, and I know I've prevented some damage because moths did eat holes in a wool rug in my dining room. I haven't thought about making my own, but I may try. My aunt has a huge cedar tree in her yard she decorates at Christmas.