Weeding the garden


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I read on the net that this guy takes the weeds he pulls from the garden and puts them in the walkways and on the soil as a way to stop new growth. I thought at first this sounded like a great way to use what I pull, but then I'm wondering if that will really work or be worse for the garden. Any thoughts?


I've never heard of it. Anything is possible, but it is easier to toss it in the fire pit for me.


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Whenever I pull our weeds from my garden, I make sure that there are no soil left clinging to the roots before I throw them out to dry. Then, I toss them into the compost pit or use them as mulch.


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Yea I just compost them, but I guess I can see how laying them down in a layer would prevent more growth. My mom used to put grass clippings over the ground like that, it really did prevent weeds.